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Sessions Introduces Bill Honoring Special Education Teachers

U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions has authored the first congressional resolution honoring America’s special education teachers.  Introduced on Tuesday, Sessions’ bill (H.Con.Res 284) commends special education teachers for their sacrifice and dedication to providing quality life skills to individuals with special needs.

Currently, over 370,000 highly-qualified teachers provide special education services to 6.5 million children in the United States. Within their role as teacher, they also become caretaker, guardian, mentor, and counselor. These educators also form strong relationships with parents of children with special needs to ensure trust and accountability in the classroom.

Sessions and his wife, Nete, are the proud parents of Alex (age 16), who has Down syndrome. Alex is enrolled in special education at a Dallas-area public school.

“As the father of a young man with intellectual disabilities, I have witnessed firsthand the devotion, skill, patience and kindness of special education teachers,” said Sessions. “Their work is no doubt challenging, yet they share an extraordinary gift of promoting abilities over disabilities, opening new doors of life for millions of children each day.”

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