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The Not on MY Face Sun Safety Giveaway

Sun Safety Giveaway GoodsWe took our son to the beach for the first time when he was about 7 month old. We didn’t know then that he was sensitive to a lot of sensory input. We didn’t know that having his feet on sand was pure torture. We didn’t know that lotions and textures were an issue for him. He couldn’t express it then but as he got older (about 18 months) we started to figure out many “normal” things bothered him. Loud sounds were upsetting, bare feet on grass, eating turkey, that sort of thing.

So when it came time to lube up for the pool or the beach we often had a battle (frankly, he’s 11 and he still rolls his eyes and protests but I do think that is just him being a kid). We were fans of hats, shirts and anything else that kept us from having to spend more time putting sunscreen on him, which we religiously did because he was a very pale kid.

When he was around 4 we discovered that if he could control some of it it helped so we were thrilled to find the sunscreen sticks. By then he didn’t so much mind us putting it on his body but he never really took to us getting it on his face so the stick allowed him to do it in a more controlled, safe way.

Adorable QuinnNow that he’s post kidney transplant and on drugs that make him more susceptible to future skin cancer we’re even more thankful for devices and products that let him be outside in the sun safely. So part of our Sun Safety week will be this giveaway of sun products. A towel, sunglasses, sunscreen and sun stick (we love them and have them all over the place) and just to add to the mix a fun and helpful thing, too. There’s a canvas doorknob bag (I made it! I know! Crafty! It’s a curse!) and fabric markers for you and the kid/s to decorate. Leave the bag on the doorknob as a reminder to put sunscreen on or hanging there makes it easy to grab on the go.

It’s worth about $35 bucks. Can’t beat that right now during the summer, right? Make sure that you are a registered user and leave a comment about a favorite summertime activity and we’ll chose a commenter on Friday, June 11, 2010 5:00PST.

* That main picture for this article is of my daughter poolside and here’s the whole version. Yeah, see her curled up toes? She was already in therapy a long time by then! She wasn’t moving then and so it was easy to be at the pool and plop her down with stacking cups of water. Ah, the easy days!

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