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The Shirt Less Chewed Giveaway

Chewelry styles for big kids, otoAt the beginning of the school year my son was under an enormous amount of stress. He was under the care of doctors for depression and while he was doing slightly better – the depression was lifting – he was no where near where he deserved to be emotionally. A month into school when more was expected of him he started to chew his clothes. Honestly, it caught us off guard and we tried everything to reduce his stress levels.

His anxiety was very high and there wasn’t anything we were doing that was helping ease the anxiety. His anxiety also made him want to stay covered and he wore a jacket except when he slept. He chewed on the sleeves of his jacket(s) mostly, but also collars and sleeves of shirts. Long sleeves were his favorites. We did have a bit of success at with providing him washcloths and towels but they didn’t last either. He’d chew them and pull them apart and leave the remnants of his anxiety all around the house.

A chewy? Chewies? Their URL is Chewelry. I know, that’s clever, right? Such a perfect name for the line of chew necklaces – jewelry.

Back then I wish I had known about these chewies. Not the pink ones for him! But he would have gone for any of the cool “boy” colors. I would have ordered a few of them, just to save on clothing replacement costs.

Pierrette and Lorna, the good people at Kid Companions offered up two of them for us, a Blue Circle and Pink Heart. Luckily with proper mental health treatment, my boy’s anxiety is all but gone so he doesn’t need one anymore. But if you have child who chews why not leave a comment that you’d like one of these! Giveaway period ends Friday, June 5, at 5PST and remember, you must be registered at our site to win!

Here’s what their sites says about the particulars; what they are made of and about the special clasps that break away and why they made them in the first place.

Note from Dawn: I wish I’d known about these back when Madison was chewing her t-shirt collars to shreds!

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