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You know what? We love our Mamas (and Papas)!

So on behalf of Hachette Book Group USA we’d love to give away a set of books to a special SfSN member. Because Mother’s Day is SUNDAY (I’ve only asked for a nap. No really, I just want a nap.) we’d like to overlap this promotion with our launch blanket giveaway.

Now that you’re registered why not get the groups going? For the member who is most active with the groups between today and Sunday at  5PM PST, we’ll send the special collection of books direct from Hachette Book Group USA to you or to someone special to you!

What can you do to be “most active” with the groups on the site?

  • Start a Group! Easier than you think. It’s superb to figure out the area that YOU want to see addressed with others. Then watch over the coming weeks as it grows.
  • Join a Group! Also easier than you think! See your state listed? Join it! Care to come and Rant? Join Room to Rant! Or see another group that feels like it could help? Join in the conversation.
  • Then start posting! Post some topics! If you have any questions about how to do this check out our How To Section or email us! We’re here to help. You can also post directly to our Forums page. When you post to a Forum, you automatically join that Forum’s Group!
  • Keep posting! Even if it’s a small group (or if you are the only member!) the topics will get more people involved. The great thing about being in on the beginning is that YOU get the chance to help us build the heart of our site…engagement with each other!

We’ll monitor your group activity and we’ll announce our winner on Sunday! The lucky We Love Our Mamas (and Papas) Giveaway winner will receive one copy of each of these five titles:

Just Let Me Lie Down By Kristin van Ogtrop

God Never Blinks By Regina Brett

The Cradle By Patrick Somerville

Heart of My Heart By Kristin Armstrong

Roses By Leila Meacham

Happy posting to the groups and someone will have happy reading!

We didn’t get a cent for posting this giveaway…they just offered and we took them up on it! I mean some free, cool books geared to a Mama? Yeah, we were all over that!

Note: To support the site we make money on some products, product categories and services that we talk about on this website through affiliate relationships with the merchants in question. We get a small commission on sales of those products.That in no way affects our opinions of those products and services.

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