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The (Magic) Weighted Blanket Giveaway

Gage says, "I like it how I like it!"

For our first contest we’re giving away The Magic Blanket™

A couple of years ago when my son was having his first bout of acute depression it manifested in numerous ways, including interrupted sleep, another blogger told me about the weighted blanket. I can’t believe that in all the years working with multiple therapists I’d never heard about it (weighted collars for PT therapy, yes) so I started doing some research and found The Magic Blanket™ through google searches. I searched around and from the sites I found, The Magic Blanket prices were most competitive.

What I liked about the site? They told me what weight blanket I needed for Gage’s weight (under 70 lbs) and we could choose the fabric and pattern. They custom make a lot of them and so I ordered a camouflage, 10 pound blanket for Gage and he loved it (we’ve since purchased at second at 15lbs). Gage is somewhat complicated…sensory issues, hyper, depressed, delayed. If a weighted blanket could at least help him rest, well, then I was willing to try it.

They call it magic, we call it a miracle!

I had no idea that weighted blankets could help with some of the issues that Gage has but it does. To this day where Gage sleeps, the blanket goes (Honestly, camping? Yes.). All 15 lbs. of it. It’s one of the seven things he needs to sleep! Hey! I said he had issues. (items include two pillows, fan, two stuffed animals and a completely dark room.)

Their website says,

Weighted blankets, like The Magic Blanket™, have shown to generate proprioceptive input on our bodies. For many people, this input causes the brain to release neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, among others. These neurotransmitters released by the brain have naturally calming effects, which have proven to be beneficial for people experiencing sensory integration disorder, anxiety, stress, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, and Rett Syndrome. It’s important to note that The Magic Blanket is not a substitute for care from an occupational therapist or mental health professional.

Here’s how you can win a Magic Weighted Blanket!

First register as a user and we’ll enter your name into a random drawing. We’ll include every single person who (is and) becomes a registered user before Friday, May 7, 2010 5PM, PST! The winner will get to pick the weight – an 8, 10, 12 or 15 lbs blanket in any pattern in a fleece style and they will ship it for FREE. Blanket value $75-115. (Just a note — we’re going to be running lots of giveaways and only registered community members will be eligible so go ahead and register today to be eligible for future giveaways!)

Want another entry? Here are two more ways to win:

  1. Tweet the contest! Just click the cute little Twitter bird peeking out in the first “Sharing is Caring” button below. Then comment back here with a link to your Twitter status so we can check it out.
  2. Blog about the contest. Let your readers know about Support for Special Needs and our terrific community resources. Then comment here to let us know you did it.

Keith, at The Magic Blanket™ jumped at the chance to bring a weighted blanket to one of our community members. Want to talk to him about one for your kid (or yourself) if you don’t win? Call Keith at (877) 711-2020.

Good luck!

Note: To support the site we make money on some products, product categories and services that we talk about on this website through affiliate relationships with the merchants in question. We get a small commission on sales of those products.That in no way affects our opinions of those products and services.

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