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What You Say to Us

Sometimes what is said seems like it’s the smallest thing. They aren’t small things. Kind words in the face of challenges are never small things. “You’re a really good mom.

This Year

This is Schuyler’s last week of summer vacation. I know she’s not exactly thrilled abut this, and to be honest, neither am I. This vacation felt more like a long

The Girl Unseen

Parents of kids with disabilities have big moments, whether they represent success or hope or failure or despair. We have those defining moments, and then we have the aftermath. When

A Partnership

I’ve had a pretty good run in the area of public speaking. Since my book Schuyler’s Monster was published in 2008, I’ve done over thirty-five appearances, mostly at disability-related conferences

Rough Numbers

When parents look at the future for our kids with disabilities, there’s a lot that’s unknowable. For us, as I’ve said before, it’s the biggest unknowable in the world. We